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Book #7 Cayden and Mrs. Jules

Book #7 Cayden and Mrs. Jules

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Part Number:Book #7 Cayden and Mrs. Jules
Here is the Table of Contents:

1 Mrs. Jules
2 Grading Papers
3 Abi
4 The Sleep-Over 
5 Flip-Flop Mania
6 Mrs. Jules Isn’t Happy
7 Aunt Lakesia Comes for Easter
8 Who’s Skippy?
9 Too Many Kids
10 Mrs. Jules Secret

Cayden and Mrs. Jules is book #7 in the Anna's Friends series of 8 books for the 3rd grade level, or age 8-10. (See The Assignment, Book #1; Anna's Friends Save the Animal Shelter, Book #2; The Hayride, Book #3; Hiro Plays Tiny Tim, Book #4; Sarah Learns a Lesson, Book #5, and Jesse Can’t Say No, book #6). Book #7, Cayden and Mrs. Jules is a heart-warming story about Cayden who has the gift of mercy. She is the only one of Anna's Friends who can unlock a half-century secret that Mrs. Jules has been hiding. 
Cayden had skated by Mrs. Jules house for almost a year but had no idea who the little Indian lady was, until one day, she fell and skinned her knees in front of her house. Cobwebs and a spider named Spike, a spooky room with a light on, a grumpy lady who never wore shoes, and a creaky rocking chair, made Cayden want to know more about her neighbor. 

This 150-page chapter book has some great illustrations and is filled with fun and laughter, conflict and emotion, and a story that will touch the heart of moms and dads too.

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