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Book #6 Jesse Can't Say No

Book #6 Jesse Can't Say No

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Part Number:Book #6 Jesse Can't Say No
Here's the Table of Contents for Book #6:

1 Skiddle Bee and Sirius
2 Anna Meets the Kids
3 Show and Tell
4 Jesse Likes to Paint
5 The Twins Come Early
6 Salad, Yuck!
7 Too Much Rain
8 Gino the Frog
9 Moving to the Farm
10 The Funeral
11 I’m Pooped

Book #6, Jesse Can’t Say No - Jesse Delaney is one of Anna's friends and her 1st cousin too. "Jesse Can't Say No" is a fun story about how Jesse uses his motivational gift of giving to help his mother who is having twins, and his father around the new farm they will be moving to. You’ll meet goats Mimi (who delivers a real surprise for Jesse) and Dodi, the daddy goat; a Calf named Buster, and some other fun farm animals.

Jesse is so eager to help that he makes matters worse many times when he jumps in to help when he's not supposed to. Your children will enjoy this fun loving story about a little boy who just can't say no! 

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