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Book #4 Hiro Plays Tiny Tim

Book #4 Hiro Plays Tiny Tim

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Part Number:Book #4 Hiro Plays Tiny Tim
Hiro Plays Tiny Tim is book #4 in the Anna's Friends series 

Here's is the Table of Contents

1 A Thanksgiving to Remember
2 Practice, Practice, Practice
3 Hiro’s Teasing Again
4 Opening Night Jitters
5 It’s Show Time
6 Roses and Perfume
7 God’s Answers to Prayer
8 Hiro is Celebrated
9 It’s Christmas Time


Hiro Plays Tiny Tim
is book #4 in the Anna's Friends series of 8 books for the 3rd grade level, or age 8-10. One of the primary identifiers of a child with the gift of exhortation (encouragement) is that they actually enjoy getting in front of people whether to read a story, sing a song, or act in a play. We will follow Hiro through his journey of practicing for his role as Tiny Tim in the classic play, A Christmas Carol and how he overcomes the adversity of such an important role with his wit and humor.

This delightfully funny story shows us one of the humorous traits of this child – teasing his friends. Hiro has a rubber spider in his pocket just waiting for the right time and the right person to tease with it. Who will be the target of his playful gesture? Will it be Anna? or Sarah? Or even one of the boys, Jesse perhaps? Get your copy of
Hiro Plays Tiny Tim today and find out the ultimate fate of the rubber spider.

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