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Anna's Friends Neighborhood Store

Parents are the ultimate role models for children. 
"Every word, movement and action has an effect. 
No other person or outside force has a greater 
influence  on a child than the parent."

–Bob Keeshan, “Captain Kangaroo”

Meet Yvonne Williams Author and Anna's Friends: 

My 7 cutout kids that accompany me to Conferences & Events:

To share in the discovery of better understanding your child I have written a series of eight books written specifically for the eight-year-old; those in this age group I find are very eager to learn who they are. You will meet (front row in photo at the right) Sarah (the teacher), Anna (the facilitator/administrator), Hiro (the exhorter), Maria (the giver), (back row) Daniel (the prophet), Cayden (the merciful),  Jesse (the servant).

This clan of friends interact with one another in a multitude of life scenarios that children will be able to relate to. You may find your child connecting with a character that most resembles them thus enabling them to learn what motivates and inspires them as well. 

Imagine the impact on our children’s lives if we could truly guide them in the direction they were born to go in! (Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.) 

Many years ago I had an aha moment when walking through my living room. My husband Marion and I hadn’t been married much longer than a year and I had been missing teaching the children’s Sunday school class. One of the highlights of working with youth was when I discovered and came to understand the motivational gifts found in the book of Romans. This insight revolutionized my life and my students.

So — that aha moment? Anna’s Friends! A children’s book series showing the interaction between seven friends, each with one of the seven motivational gifts. I quickly jotted down some ideas and created a notebook for each one then set out to completely and thoroughly understand these gifts. It was exhilarating to imagine the impact on children if they only understood why they did the things they do–if parents understood why their children did the things they do!

Then life happened and the seven 3-ring binders sat on the shelf for years, occasionally glaring back at me as if the characters I had created were saying to me, “We want to be born!” Anna’s Friends has been born!

Thanks for Shopping with us today.  Enjoy, Love Yvonne